We are a community of imperfect people on a journey growing to connect, be, love, serve and multiply like Jesus. Our Discipleship Path is designed to help you discover the best next step for you to take on your journey.


Journey Groups: Live Your Next Steps 

Journey Groups are how we live together in authentic community and help one another grow as followers of Jesus. A typical group has 3-5 people who gather weekly to read a passage from the Bible and answer two questions: 1. What is God saying to me? 2. What is my next step to follow Jesus? NO advanced Bible knowledge is needed! 

Journey Group CONNECT:

This six-week experience will give you a preview of what to expect in an ongoing Journey Group and create space for new relationships to form. The goal is to connect everyone who is ready to an ongoing or new Journey Group at the conclusion of CONNECT.


DISCOVER Journey: Find Your Next Steps

Are your ready to explore the unique DNA of Journey Community Church and how you can become part of the family? Start your journey with DISCOVER.



You don’t have to be a “member” for us to treat you like family, but if you want to identify as a “member” of the family, we take that pretty seriously. Members of JCC must: 1. Complete the DISCOVER course, 2. Be participating in a Journey Group, 3. Serve regularly in the life of JCC, 4. Be baptized.

We believe baptism is an outward sign of the powerful inner working of God’s Spirit. It is our obedient response to God’s grace saving us and changing us. If you are ready for this next, please contact Pastor Blaine.